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How Naox secures sensitive patient data with Qontrol

Naox, a medtech startup specializing in the development of a miniaturized EEG (Electroencephalogram) for the prevention and detection of neurological disorders, is fully aware of the critical importance of handling health data with utmost care. From its inception, Naox anticipated its cybersecurity needs and turned to Qontrol to ensure optimal compliance.

  • Industry
  • Challenge
    Protecting health data with the utmost seriousness.
  • Solution
    Guidance from the initial cyber stages all the way to potential ISO 27001 certification.
"Beyond the development of a precise and well-defined roadmap, it's primarily the educational aspect of Qontrol's approach that allowed us to establish a solid foundation, prevent any attacks, and confidently progress towards ISO 27001 certification."


Emmanuel Lange - CTO - Naox


Emmanuel Lange - CTO, Naox


Why Naox Chose Qontrol:

Naox chose Qontrol to benefit from specialized information security support, crucial for protecting sensitive patient data.

As a company dealing with highly sensitive medical data, Naox is aware of the unique challenges related to the confidentiality and integrity of this information.

Moreover, Naox wanted to comply with the requirements of an ISO 27001 certification roadmap as well as an "HDS" or "Health Data Hosting" certification.

Qontrol provided a tailored approach, ensuring optimal protection of patient data from the early stages of their journey.


How Qontrol Responded:

Qontrol implemented a comprehensive cybersecurity roadmap for Naox, including asset inventory, data classification, password management, hard disk encryption, two-factor authentication, backup, and much more. In response to these security measures from Qontrol, Naox also implemented an MDM solution.

This collaboration enabled Naox to gradually strengthen its cybersecurity posture, in preparation for its future compliance needs in the healthcare sector.


The Results:

Thanks to Qontrol's guidance, Naox has strengthened its position in cybersecurity, thereby ensuring the sensitive patient data is handled with extreme vigilance. By implementing advanced security measures such as asset inventory, rigorous data classification, and robust encryption methods, Naox is fully committed to protecting confidential medical information.

The educational aspect of Qontrol's approach was crucial in helping the 20+ team members of Naox optimize their management of SaaS tools, share best password usage practices, and establish good habits within the organization.

This approach focused on data confidentiality and integrity has boosted the trust of Naox's patients and partners, positioning the company as a trusted player in the healthcare sector.

As a guest on Qontrol's webinar "IT Hardware: How to Lay a Solid Security Foundation in a Startup," Naox was able to highlight crucial aspects of cybersecurity for startups.

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