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Our frameworks

ISO 27001

An essential international standard for information security management, aimed at protecting confidential information and guaranteeing data integrity.

SOC2 Type II

A U.S.-centric certification that assesses a company's non-financial controls, availability, processing integrity, and data confidentiality.


The EU Digital Operational Resilience Regulation, aimed at strengthening IT security in the financial sector, with an expected entry into force in January 2025.


An EU directive that strengthens the security of networks and information systems in Europe, targeting essential sectors and digital service providers, with an expected entry into force in January 2025.


The National Agency for the Security of Information Systems in France has published its 'Good Practices' for the protection of national critical infrastructures.


A certification issued by ANSSI, designed for cloud service providers who meet strict security requirements to protect hosted data.


Norms and guidelines formulated by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology to improve the security and resilience of information systems.


An information security standard adapted from ISO 27001, specifically designed for the automotive industry, covering data protection and information confidentiality.

Qontrol Niveau 1

A basic framework for small teams or new to compliance, establishing critical security measures and responsive management.

Qontrol Niveau 2

Advanced framework for organizations to improve their cybersecurity policies with sophisticated practices and proactive management.


European regulation to protect the personal data of EU residents by regulating their collection, storage and processing.

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