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The intelligent platform to simplify compliance journeys, automate tasks, build trust.
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Compliance is yours

Simply follow the guide

Qontrol guides you: the platform tells you what to do, when, and how to do it at all times. Tracking your progress becomes child's play: proof of each action is automatically collected, saving precious time.

Establish your posture

Quickly assess your posture and develop a customized plan
Maturity analysis among all employees
Détection des zones sensibles
Discover our diagnostics tools
Des diagnostics intégrés

Your personalised Roadmap

Access all our compliance frameworks
All your actions and measures on a coherent plan adapted to your objectives
Compliance monitoring and reporting in one click
Discover our compliance frameworks
Planification Cyber dans l'app Qontrol

Your first line of defense

Deploy training from employee onboarding.
Phishing, ransomware, access, best practices... equip your team.
Commitment of teams in the implementation of security measures
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Your cybersecurity street creds

Showcase your victories, share your progress.
Reach your business goals: whether it's meeting the requirements of clients, financiers, or a corporate policy, or becoming eligible for cyber insurance.
Discover the cybersecurity passport
Passeport Cyber dans l'app Qontrol
Les outils d'IA Qontrol répondent à toutes les questions cyber

Artificial intelligence propels your compliance

Let our AI tools boost your compliance.

Our virtual assistant responds to all your pressing cyber questions.
Automated security questionnaire response.
Automated creation of cybersecurity policy documents.

Curious to explore how AI can accelerate your project?


Discover how AI can accelerate your project

"Qontrol's expertise, along with their tailored approach, have proven essential in strengthening our IT security at Holis. Thanks to their help, we have established solid security policies and developed a more robust risk management to enhance our credibility in the market."
Paul Grédigui, CTO
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"We won several carbon footprint contracts, for example with Payfit, thanks to the fact that we were able to quickly prove our cybersecurity credentials for both the app and the company itself."
Alexis Normand, CEO and Founder
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Beyond developing a precise and well-defined roadmap, it was primarily the educational aspect of Qontrol's approach that allowed us to establish solid foundations, prevent any attack, and confidently progress towards an ISO 27001 certification.
Emmanuel Lange, CTO, Naox
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With Qontrol, we were able to quickly gain a concrete understanding of our cyber maturity and share it immediately with the business partners who requested it. We saved a massive amount of time and met all the security goals we set for ourselves.
Benjamin Pozzi, CEO
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Qontrol has strengthened our defenses against potential threats while ensuring the continuity of our services. I highly recommend them. Thanks to them, we have gained the necessary confidence to work with major market players.
Pierre Davy, CEO and Founder
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We increased our security level from the first days of subscription with simple and well-explained actions. We were even able to handle a website incident in just a few hours, which would have been a nightmare without Qontrol.
Fantine Monot, Communication and Legal Affairs Manager
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