Effectively integrate teams into compliance procedures

Implement safety from day one and throughout the employee lifecycle.
Qontrol facilite l'implication de toutes les équipes dans les démarches de conformité.

Diagnosis of digital practices

Deeply assess teams' digital habits to identify risky behaviors and strengthen cybersecurity strategy.

Awareness-raising modules

Activate targeted cybersecurity training modules to raise awareness at all levels of the organization, thereby improving the overall defense against cyber threats.

Automated compliance journeys

Deploy automated compliance journeys that guide teams toward meeting frameworks and regulations, simplifying the compliance process.

Automating evidence collection

Automate the evidence collection reliably and directly from employees, ensuring concrete and verifiable protection of your operations.

AI-powered virtual cyber assistants

Provide your teams with a virtual assistant powered by AI to answer all their cybersecurity questions, guaranteeing smart and controlled management of security information.

Onboarding and access management

Integrate onboarding processes to apply best practices from day one and effectively manage access through single sign-on (SSO).

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