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Your cybersecurity on a platter

Qontrol takes you step by step to the level of cybersecurity you aim for.

Discover your first objectives!

SMEs master their Cyber with Qontrol

With Qontrol, we protect our sensitive data in a simple manner tailored to the challenges of a small company. We have already avoided 2 incidents that would have been serious without the awareness actions of Qontrol.

Sophie Cahay, CFO at Beyond Associés

We increased our security level from the first days of the subscription with simple and well-explained actions. We even managed to handle an incident on our website in just a few hours, which would have been a nightmare otherwise.

Fantine Monot, Head of Communication and Legal Affairs at Monocle

Quickly assess your security posture

Qontrol quickly profiles your company's cyber status, highlighting sensitive areas and your specific challenges. From this analysis, a plan tailored to your needs emerges.

Aperçu des outils diagnostic Cyber
Roadmap checklist Cyber dans l'app Qontrol

Progress step by step

Qontrol tells you exactly what to do.

New tool? Process? Training? Qontrol indicates what you need to implement to be squared away at all levels. Including in your company culture, because you'll see, it's one of the keys.

With individual follow-up for each person, good reflexes quickly become natural.

Raise awareness among your teams

80% of attacks on SMEs involve human action. Technical solutions alone are not enough.

Qontrol engages your entire team: in just a few minutes a day, you boost the skills and vigilance of your company and anchor cybersecurity in your company culture.

Sensibilisation Cyber dans l'app Qontrol
Passeport Cyber dans l'app Qontrol

Proudly display your compliance

Every effort, every victory in your cybersecurity journey enriches your Cyber Passport, a true digital trust credential.

By sharing your Cyber Passport, you communicate your commitments quickly and effectively and reassure your clients.

Let AI guide you

Qontrol AI becomes your on-demand cybersecurity expert.

Les outils d'IA Qontrol réponde à toutes les questions Cyber
Virtual Cyber AI Assistant

An urgent question? Don't panic. Qontrol understands your Cyber posture and answers all your questions.

Document Creation

Save precious time by instantly creating your security documents and policies.

Security Questionnaires

Qontrol AI fills out these tedious questionnaires, allowing you to focus on your core business.

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