Showcase your cybersecurity creds

Validate and expose cybersecurity commitments with the Qontrol Cybersecurity Passport, strengthening trust with your customers and partners.
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A Security Assurance Plan

The Cybersecurity Passport clarifies the “SAP”, offering a clear overview of security measures to facilitate dialogues with partners.

Control of security commitments

Precisely control how and when security commitments are posted, ensuring transparency tailored to the needs of organizations and their customers.

Reassured clients

Share the successes and progress with one click, re-inforcing your clients' trust.

Integrated certifications

Easily incorporate certifications and compliance frameworks such as DORA, NIS2, ISO 27001, SOC2...
Le passeport cybersécurité de Qontrol permet d'afficher les engagements en matière de sécurité et les certifications.

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