Holis strengthens its cybersecurity and customer trust with Qontrol.

Holis, the winner of the Greentech Innovation 2023 award, is a French greentech company aiming to democratize Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) and strengthen the security of environmental data. Thanks to their LCA and eco-design platform, which integrates various databases (Ecoinvent, INIES, etc.), they provide businesses with a tool that combines artificial intelligence and an educational interface. This allows individuals of varying expertise, from novices to experts, to expedite their initiatives across different industries without compromising rigor. Certified to ISO 14044 by AFNOR's technical partner, the Holis platform offers features for quantifying, improving, and communicating the socio-environmental performance of all products. The secure management of this data is a priority for Holis.

  • Industrie
    Greentech, ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance)
  • Challenge
    Handle sensitive and diverse data in an ultra-secure manner.
  • Solution
    Guidance towards SOC2/ISO 27001 certification, Implementation of security policies.
"Qontrol's expertise, along with their customized approach, proved to be essential in strengthening our information security at Holis. Thanks to their assistance, we have implemented solid security policies and developed a more robust risk management strategy. Their invaluable support in responding to cyber questionnaires has been crucial in enhancing our market credibility."



Paul Gredigui - CTO, Holis


Why Holis Chose Qontrol:

Holis a choisi Qontrol pour répondre à un besoin crucial : améliorer la sécurité des systèmes d'information (SSI) et poursuivre son chemin vers les certifications Cyber (SOC2/ISO 27001). Conscient de l'importance stratégique de cette évolution, Holis a recherché une solution sur mesure pour bâtir un plan d'action adapté à ses exigences spécifiques. Qontrol s'est révélé être le partenaire idéal, apportant son expertise et une approche personnalisée.


How Qontrol Responded:

The first step for Qontrol was to conduct a comprehensive audit to identify Holis' specific security needs, resulting in the development of a clear roadmap. Following this roadmap, Qontrol established an Information Systems Security Policy (ISSP) and conducted a thorough risk analysis. Stricter password management procedures were also implemented. By working closely with Holis, Qontrol was able to develop a cybersecurity strategy tailored to their needs. This partnership has enabled Holis to significantly refine their security practices, thus establishing a robust and resilient cybersecurity posture.


The Results:

Holis effectively strengthened its security policy with the support of Qontrol, enabling continuous improvement of existing practices. The establishment of an IT charter, the development of a detailed documentation corpus, and the implementation of Disaster Recovery Plans (DRP), Business Continuity Plans (BCP), IT Recovery Plans (ITRP) and IT Continuity Plans (ICP) have solidified their security structure.

Concurrently, in-depth training for employees was implemented, establishing a safer work environment. Additionally, Qontrol assisted Holis in responding to Cyber questionnaires, often required by major accounts, thereby strengthening their positioning against these major players.

These combined efforts have not only increased the trust of their stakeholders but have also strengthened their reputation as a secure and reliable player in the Greentech sector. A notable achievement was the issuance of a certificate of cybersecurity awareness training on the Qontrol platform, highlighting Holis' commitment to cybersecurity.


Follow in Holis' footsteps! Strengthen the security of your information systems, inspire confidence in your stakeholders, and take a step forward with Qontrol.