How Startup Greenly Attracts Clients with Qontrol

Safeguarding user data is an utmost priority for Greenly, voted Fintech of the Year 2020, as they assist individuals and businesses in their low-carbon endeavors.

  • Industry
    GreenTech / Cleantech, Fintech, CO2Calc, Data
  • Challenge
    Securely managing extensive data for diverse clients.
  • Solution
    Central asset management, ISO 27001 and SOC2 compliance support.
"We have secured multiple carbon footprint contracts, such as with Payfit, by being able to quickly demonstrate our strong cybersecurity measures both for the app and the company itself."



Alexis Normand - CEO, Greenly



Why Greenly Chose Qontrol:

As the 2020 Fintech of the Year, Greenly recognized the need for optimal security for its clients' sensitive financial data. This requirement demanded strict GDPR compliance and rigorous controls. An external trusted partner was essential, and in this search, Greenly chose Qontrol to provide their everyday support.


How Qontrol Responded:

Qontrol quickly proved to be a valuable cybersecurity partner for Greenly. Over time, Qontrol addressed risk-related questions and needs, structured security processes, and closely supported Greenly's team in implementing their cybersecurity practices. Acting as the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), Qontrol ensured a perfect alignment between the company's identified needs and the security requirements demanded by their business.


The Results:

Through Qontrol's proactive approach, Greenly made significant strides in the realm of cybersecurity. Greenly is now certified ISO 27001 and SOC2, showcasing an undeniable commitment to security. Greenly's client engagement rates have significantly increased, and the company has secured several important contracts due to the trust generated by this expertise."



"One of the reasons for our collaboration with Qontrol is the training aspect. Instead of a large PDF with all the measures, Qontrol sends a small module every day, lasting 2 minutes, which allows us to implement the measures and raise awareness among our employees."



Gael Peron - VP Engineering, Greenly



Si, comme Greenly, vous souhaitez garantir la sécurité optimale de vos données et augmenter l'engagement de vos clients, contactez-nous chez Qontrol. Nous assurerons la mise en sécurité de votre organisation.