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Batis strengthens its SSI image and wins contracts with Qontrol.

Batis, a company focused on developing an application for administrative and contractual management in the construction industry, faces a dual challenge. Not only do they need to provide an efficient and reliable service, but they must also meet strict security requirements to protect their clients' sensitive data—a priority that is crucial for winning key customers.

  • Industrie
    Gestion administrative et contractuelle pour les documents de chantiers (GED)
  • Le Challenge
    Accompagnement sur questionnaires de Sécurité, rédaction d'un Plan d'Assurance Sécurité (PAS), et déploiement d'une roadmap cyber.
  • La Solution
    Roadmap cyber, déploiement d'une politique de sécurité
"Qontrol has strengthened our defenses against potential threats while ensuring the continuity of our services. They quickly identified our specific needs and provided solutions without unnecessary complexity. I was impressed by their speed and responsiveness, which greatly facilitated our collaboration. I wholeheartedly recommend Qontrol to any company looking to strengthen its cybersecurity. Thanks to them, we have gained the necessary confidence to work comfortably with major market players and are better prepared to meet the challenges of digital security."


Pierre Davy - CTO - Batis


Pierre Davy - CTO, Batis




Why Batis Chose Qontrol:

To win contracts and maintain client trust, Batis needed a comprehensive understanding of its cybersecurity obligations and to strengthen its information security image. The choice of Qontrol was natural: an expert team ready to support Batis in this significant challenge, capable of understanding its specific requirements and providing a customized security solution.


How Qontrol Responded:

By developing a Security Assurance Plan (SAP) specifically tailored for Batis, assisting the team in completing security questionnaires, and implementing a mid-term cybersecurity roadmap, Qontrol provided a comprehensive and personalized response. Qontrol's flexibility and responsiveness were key assets in addressing Batis's unique challenges.


The Results:

The collaboration with Qontrol allowed Batis to bolster the trust of its existing clients and align itself with major players in the construction sector. Being able to meet the security requirements of leading companies showcases the effectiveness of our collaboration. Additionally, Qontrol's strategic advice helped Batis not only improve its data management but also strengthen its overall protection against potential threats.

Like Batis, ensure rigorous compliance and strengthen your information security image with Qontrol. Together, let's deploy your customized security solution.