One subscription to master your cybersecurity.

Qontrol allows you to know what to do to be secure without forgetting anything, making your cyber a real advantage in the market.

Your security profile.

Answer a few questions and sync Qontrol with your systems to discover your sensitive areas and cyber issues.

Your personalized roadmap.

Your program is custom-built to achieve all your gaols. You will quickly validate the first ones!

All of this from a superb dashboard.

Perfect overview. Progress tracking. Clear internal processes.

Achieve perfect compliance faster to better sales.

Quickly resolve your customer questionnaires.

It's difficult to answer compliance questionnaires, especially when what's going on in certain sectors is a bit blurry... don't worry about it anymore, Qontrol fills them out for you so as not to slow down any sales process!

Win certifications

Show the whole world that you are worthy of total trust. With Qontrol, you get your certifications faster by implementing exactly what is needed, nothing superfluous.

Golden List

No need to know the right software or best practices, Qontrol recommends the best ones, in line with your imperatives.

You remain free to choose.

Say farewell to security flaws

Nothing escapes Qontrol

  • All your tools and processes managed

    It's not just about installing a good firewall or antivirus: cybersecurity must also cover your processes. What happens if an employee forgets their laptop in a taxi? Are you sure that a departing intern doesn't leave any access behind? With Qontrol, you won't have any blind spots.

  • Individual tracking

    No need to ask yourself a thousand questions or micro-manage teams anymore. Each person knows what to do, receives the right guidance, and can access resources at will.

  • DevOps option

    An app or a product to protect? Secure it from the beginning by involving DevOps in the loop with specific feature guidance such as access management or API key protection. Just follow our step-by-step.