Let's accelerate cyber transformation.

Cybersecurity often gets left out of business schedules: deemed too complex, too abstract, and too intimidating..

In reality, it's already a critical necessity, and soon unavoidable to secure any contract.

Let's look at the numbers

  • 43%
    of SME's have experienced a cybersecurity incident.
  • 16%
    of attacks posed a real threat to the survival of the business.
  • x4
    growth in the number of ransomware attacks between 2020 and 2021.
    Numbers from: ANSSI 2021

Our mission is to enable everyone to make cybersecurity an asset for their business.

How? By making it more accessible, easier to understand, and much more straightforward to implement.

An intelligent platform.

Personalized, semi-automated strategies that adapt based on your choices and on-field feedback.

Cutting-edge practices.

Amidst a jungle of offers, providers, and tools, we always guide you towards the best options available at the moment.

A true culture of cyber hygiene.

For cybersecurity driven by processes and the daily actions of all employees, thanks to individual monitoring.

Not without true freedom.

The value of tools depends on the practices they enable.

The transition towards cybersecurity as a new support function is underway. We want it to be an opportunity to reaffirm everyone's freedoms. Because we have a strong conviction: With proper information, your organization is always best placed to know what is good for it.

So in practice, we propose, you choose.

With individual monitoring, all employees easily engage in your cybersecurity efforts. Everyone follows, even the accounting department.


Security is also a collective challenge. In a context of difficult geopolitical balances, the sovereignty of our collective protection solutions is crucial.

We are committed to contributing to the emergence of French and European defense solutions: as part of a larger structure, your security is strengthened by the security of your ecosystem.