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No more questions. Qontrol allows you to know what to do to be secure without forgetting anything and make your cybersecurity a real market advantage.

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Your cyber profile

Our diagnostic tools allow for quick identification of your sensitive areas and cyber challenges.

Based on your objectives, the diagnosis can extend to your full team, to better understand the application of digital practices, and result in a complete action plan.

Your personalised roadmap

Your programme is tailored to your chosen compliance objectifs.

Very soon you will already validate the first ones!

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Sensibilisation Cyber dans l'app Qontrol

Raise awareness among your teams in just 3 minutes a day

Every day, the platform engages your employees in Cyber awareness training modules, highlighting the best practices that will protect your business.

80% of successful cyber-attacks involve human error.

That's why a good understanding of Cyber challenges remains your first line of defence.

The Cyber Passport - your new cyber trust badge

The new business ally for SMEs, this simple and free tool allows you to clearly display your commitments to cybersecurity. In just a few clicks, create a complete overview of your efforts and share it with your partners and clients. 🛡️

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AI Assistant

Qontrol equips you with a virtual cyber expert. Whether you have general cyber questions or need to clarify mysteries about a specific standard (ISO 27001, DOR1, NIS2, SOC2, SECNUMCLOUD ...) Qontrol AI comes to the rescue.

You can also make available to your employees AI Virtual Assistants, specific to your objectives, policies, and best practices.

Response to security questionnaires automated by AI

No more time-consuming sessions to respond to the lengthy questionnaires from your partners.

Save precious time by letting our AI automatically answer them.

Les outils d'IA Qontrol répondent à vos questionnaires de sécurité.
Gestion de documents de politiques Cyber sur Qontrol

Your Cyber policy documents generated by AI

To accelerate the implementation of your security policies, Qontrol offers to generate them instantly.

To overcome the blank page syndrome and take action, you just need to choose the policies suited to your compliance objectives, and voilà - security policy documents ready to pass any audit.

Access the Qontrol marketplace

In the Cybersecurity jungle, it's not easy to find the best solutions at the best price.

Qontrol guides you in selecting solutions suited to your business objectives and offers advantageous prices.

Finally, Qontrol assists you during the implementation of technical measures, thus accelerating your compliance plan.

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