How Weefin strengthens its digital security with Qontrol.

The safe and secure management of financial information is a paramount mission for Weefin, the fintech startup that facilitates financial management for SMEs and startups.

  • Industry
    ESG, Fintech, Sustainable Finance
  • Challenge
    Handling sensitive and diverse data in an ultra-secure manner.
  • Solution
    SOC2/ISO 27001 Guidance, Security Policies

Why Weefin Chose Qontrol:

As an innovative fintech, Weefin handles highly sensitive financial data. In need of comprehensive data protection in compliance with GDPR and ISO 27001, they sought a reliable partner capable of delivering a tailored security solution. That's where Qontrol stepped in.


How Qontrol Responded:

Qontrol met Weefin's specific cybersecurity challenges head-on. Through close collaboration with Weefin, Qontrol deployed a robust security policy, embracing both technical and organizational aspects, while meticulously adhering to SOC2 and ISO 27001 standards. This partnership amplified the security of Weefin's sensitive data and injected newfound confidence into their operations!


The Results:

Thanks to Qontrol, Weefin could transparently and confidently demonstrate high-level security compliance to its clients and prospects, thereby enhancing its commercial appeal. Moreover, by offloading these processes to Qontrol, Weefin's CTO freed up precious time previously devoted to handling security issues. This time saving allowed for greater focus on core activities and business development, thereby maximizing operational efficiency.

Like Weefin, ensure optimal data security and strengthen client trust with Qontrol. Your tailor-made security solution awaits you.