Everycheck ensures its compliance and security with Qontrol.

In the highly competitive world of diploma and resume verification, Everycheck is at the forefront, providing top-notch background verification services. A significant challenge that requires first-rate security.

  • Industry
    Diploma and Resume Verification Solution (Background Check)
  • Challenge
    Major clients requiring robust information system security and stringent compliance.
  • Solution
    Cybersecurity roadmap, implementation of a security policy.

Why Everycheck Chose Qontrol:

To ensure information security and maintain compliance in a competitive environment, Everycheck needed a partner capable of delivering a customized security approach. Qontrol, with its expertise and adaptive approach, proved to be the ideal partner to help Everycheck tackle its security challenges and meet the expectations of its major clients.


How Qontrol Responded:

Qontrol developed a detailed cybersecurity roadmap for Everycheck, including thorough hard disk security checks, compliance with SSI (Information Systems Security) guidelines, backup perimeter verification, password manager selection, and the creation of a risk management document. Each step was meticulously planned and executed to meet Everycheck's specific needs.


The Results:

Thanks to a holistic approach, Everycheck has made significant progress in managing its assets and passwords. Additionally, the documents provided by Qontrol's analysis have streamlined the audit process, thereby increasing client confidence in the compliance and security of the Everycheck platform.

Comme Everycheck, répondez aux exigences de sécurité de vos clients et renforcez votre conformité avec Qontrol. Votre solution sur mesure vous attend.